Important things to consider when house hunting


Moving house can be as exciting as it is horrifying, with the amount of time, effort and money it takes to find a new property you can really feel at home in. You’ll only get to see the place a few times before you have to give your final answer, so here are a few important points to consider when you’re planning on relocation.

It’s probably fitting to start with the most famous rule for house hunting: location, location, location. This didn’t become a phrase out of the blue; the location of your new property is probably the most important thing to consider when moving house. This is because a residence’s location can have a significant impact on a wide range of factors you’ll have to think about for the whole time you live there. Property taxes, as well as your access to public services and schools, can be determined by a property’s geographical location with surprising accuracy. When you’re caught in the initial thrill of moving house, it’s easy to browse the first few pages of a property search engine, then settle on the look and facilities of a house alone. Yes, the building itself may look gorgeous and have everything you need inside, but if it’s in a post code with no potential for a resale, and a relentless stream of traffic, avoid it at all costs.

Important things to consider when house hunting

The next point is to carry a large marble with you at all times during your viewings. Come back, it’s not as ridiculous as it sounds! There’s a saying that is held sacred by many architects, construction firms and estate agents across the world: “A house is only as good as its foundation”. A perfectly round marble, once you find a place in the house away from too many curious eyes, can help you test how level the foundations of a house are. If you place it on wooden or tiled floors and it rolls, thank the estate agent and move on.

The next big tip, you might be disappointed to hear, is to abandon the vision of your dream house. When anyone sits down and decides they’re moving home, they have a perfect vision in mind. Long, sweeping drives, mosaic swimming pools and huge ponds full of koi are all beautiful features to a house, but finding them all in one property in a good location is nothing short of a pipe dream for most of us. Be rational as you look through potential homes, and don’t get too irritated over tiny details. This doesn’t mean you should settle for something grossly below your standards, but keep your expectations down to earth, and your relocation will go much smoother.

If you’re not that fussy when it comes to property, then this next point deals with the opposite problem, finding a house’s little quirks. Every house in the world is going to have a problem with it, and it’s important to keep an eye out for these when being shown around, and once identifying it, thinking carefully about whether or not you will be able to put up with it for an indefinite amount of time. Perhaps the cabinets open into each other, or the toilet seat doesn’t stay up without you holding it in place, or there’s some ridiculous combination of switches you have to hit to get a single bulb to work? Don’t be afraid to seem too nosy when you’re viewing a house either; the estate agent is showing you around because they want you to buy the place.

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