Frugal Home Staging Ideas and Tips


Which of your rooms would you rather live in? Believe it or not, not all bedrooms will look the same and you will need to consider making it work in different ways. You can start with a clean and sleek room and then you can move on to staging as you move forward with the job. The following examples will give you a chance to make it happen:

Frugal Home Staging Ideas

Decluttering phase

One of the best ways you can work on staging your home is to imagine seeing it from someone else’s eyes, so you will need to work on depersonalizing it and getting rid of any personal belongings. Decluttering your pictures, books and more will give you a fighting chance.

Painting it all in neutral colors

Most real estate experts will give you this advice when it comes down to attracting buyers, so neutral colors will create a blank canvas of sorts to make optimal staging a reality. It won’t take much but you can still pull it off with the right approach. Just give yourself some time and you will have the chance to paint everything as needed.

Set a table

Have a blank dining room table, but make it setup for a dinner or put a nice decorative centerpiece instead if you want to make it work for the duration of your viewings and before the potential sale.

Add some mirrors

Mirrors will not only make your place seem larger, but you can have them as an asset to any home out there given the right approach. It will take a bit of work but it will be worth it all the way.

Keep your furniture proportional

This is important, since you will need to handle moving some furniture, as well as making it work better in the long run. A small desk, chair and some area rugs when needed will be a great way of handling the job. When it comes to moving you will need to work on dealing with the smaller tasks, since moving house will leave your home almost barren and a few pieces of furniture will help sell it.

Minimizing the decoration

When you are staging a room, you should stick to paintings that are abstract or landscapes that would act as accenting colors of the room without being all too specific in the process.

Turning the bathroom into a spa

Get some brand new white towels, rugs and shower curtains when you’re working on sales preparations, as this will let you make your bathroom a lot more welcoming by comparison. With that approach you can give a chance for viewings after moving house with professional movers so you can handle it all.

Adding some great colors

Now that you have painted your walls with a neutral color, then you will need to think about adding some bits of color to make it more welcoming. Colorful pillows on the beds and couches, a bowl of various fruits and so forth can be a good mix of colors to work with.

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